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How it Works: Step-by-Step

1. Purchases a live cow by using the "Available Beef" tab above. 

2. At time of purchase you need to make two decisions: (a) whole cow or 1/2 cow? (b) grass fed or grain finished? Grain finished cattle are a premium product. Their meat is more tender, contains marbled fat, produces a better flavor. 

3. A deposit of $500 or $1000 is required depending on whether you select a full or 1/2 cow. 

4. Final payment happens once weight is finalized. 

5. At time of purchase you must also select a butcher. Options are found in Kingman, Prescott/Chino Valley, and Williams. The ranch will do the rest of the scheduling with the butcher according to availability. 

6. Once the cow goes to slaughter, we contact you, and you call the butcher to confirm cut order. 

5. When beef is packaged and frozen, client must pay butcher and pick up from him. This allows us to keep our prices lower. Shipping is currently not an option.

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